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Handmade Monday- Embellish Me Patty V

When I first found Embellish Me Patty V through networking with other shops on Facebook, I’ll be the first to admit that I told her outright that I don’t do steering wheel covers, which is what she creates. I never have cared for them much. But that didn’t stop me from interacting with her and keeping up with her page. I even told her that if I know anyone looking for a steering wheel cover, I’d let them know to check hers out.

But a few weeks ago, she was featured in this blog post by Gloria of Gigi Blings & Things. Along with her feature was a giveaway for a Blue Daisy Steering Wheel cover. So, I decided, what the heck? I’ll enter. And guess what? I won! So, of all the things for me to actually win- the one thing I’ve never been fond of. But I decided to give it a chance.

In chatting with Patty, she told me I could have another pattern than the blue daisy one if I preferred. I told her I had Patriots stuff in my vehicle, so I would like something with matching colors. And much to my surprise, she had a Patriots one! So, I gave her the measurements and patiently waited the arrival of my steering wheel cover.

It arrived very quickly and was nicely packaged. 20160705_141017

I immediately went outside and put it on my steering wheel. It fits perfectly!


I had to go a few places that same afternoon and I will admit, my first thoughts as I held the steering wheel with the cover on were “I’m going to have to get used to this.” I was so used to a bare steering wheel that it almost felt strange to me. I will say though, it felt comfortable, but surely strange. You know how that is when something is different than normal, right?

I’ve had this steering wheel cover for over a week now and of course I drive my trailblazer everywhere! So after some time with it, I feel like I can give an honest opinion of it now.

We have had some HOT days lately. And we all know what the steering wheel typically feels like on a hot day. It’s usually dreadfully hot and you don’t want to touch it in fear of burning your hands, right? Well, with this steering wheel cover on, it’s not that way anymore! Yes, at times it can be a little warm at first, but it’s a comfortable warm, not burn your hands hot! And it even cools off super fast.

I’ve had time to adjust to the change and I have to say, I kinda like it! Not only is it comfortable and keeps the steering wheel from burning my hands in this heat, it looks good too! And it matches the other Patriots stuff inside my trailblazer. 🙂

I would definitely recommend her steering wheel covers to anyone who needs one (including people who don’t tend to like them, like me). So, Embellish Me Patty V, you changed my opinion about steering wheel covers. Well, at least yours anyway! 😉 Thank you!

Need a steering wheel cover for yourself? Embellish Me Patty V has lots of designs to choose from! Visit her website or Etsy shop to grab yours today! 😀

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